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Crossing the old bridge over the Cávado River, we enter one of the most emblematic localities of the Minho region, Barcelos.

It is an old city, located in a place with archaeological vestiges from the Pre-history, but it was in the century XII that his history began, first when D. Afonso Henriques granted him charter and made it a village and then when D. Dinis, in 1298, wanted to compensate his chief butler João Afonso and made him count by donating the town in title.

In 1385, the Constable Nuno Álvares Pereira became the 7th Count of Barcelos. He would deliver the village as a dowry at the marriage of his daughter D. Beatriz to D. Afonso, bastard of King D. João I. Then began a period of great development and dynamics for Barcelos, revealed by the construction of the bridge, a wall (from which only the Porta Nova Tower remains), the Palace of the Dukes and the Mother Church. These monuments today constitute the historic center of the city, which maintains a pleasant medieval atmosphere punctuated by lots and historic houses such as Solar dos Pinheiros or Casa do Condestável.

A walk to Barcelos can not miss the former Largo da Feira, now the Campo da República, where the seventeenth Churches of Bom Jesus da Cruz and Nossa Senhora do Terço can be found and where the largest handicraft fair in the country is held every thursday. If you miss the weekly fair, visit the Pottery Museum and the Craft Center of Barcelos, where you'll have a good perspective on Minho's artistic expression. Of all the pieces produced here, the colorful Galo de Barcelos is the most representative, not forgetting the music bands and the pictures depicting habits and customs of the region.

(source: www.visitportugal.com)

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