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Crowned by its imposing cathedral, Évora stands out on a gentle hill in the vast horizon of the Alentejo plain, and guards in its historic center surrounded by a vast wall of walls, a valuable cultural heritage that UNESCO has classified as a World Heritage Site. 

The city, where the narrow streets of Moorish evocation contrast with squares flooded with light, rests on two millennia of history.

Conquered in 59 BC by the Romans, who gave it the name "Liberalitas Julia", Évora acquired great importance as evidenced by the remains still visible today, examples of which are the ruins of a graceful temple from the end of the 2nd century, several sections of wall and the door called Dona Isabel, as well as the ruins of the city's spas under the Town Hall building.

From the Visigoth period (centuries V-VIII) little remains. It followed the Muslim rule, begun with the conquest of the city by Tárique, which would last until the Christian reconquest, in the XII century. Yeborah, as it came to be called, fixed in its toponymia indelible traces of Moorish influence, that stand out in the district of Mouraria.

After the Reconquest, beyond the old fence, a new urban network was radiating from the gates of the wall. The city, chosen by several Portuguese kings from the first and second dynasties to seat the court, was then enriched with palaces and monuments, especially in the reigns of D. João II and D. Manuel (15th and 16th centuries).

Walk to your liking through the streets, soaking up the secret soul that the diversity of secular cultures has sedimented in this city of the World. Excellent restaurants, bars, terraces, good popular art shops, young people who attend their University are the expression of the dynamics of a present that affirms itself in the roots of the past.

(source: www.visitportugal.com)

SADORENT Station Évora

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