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Capital and gateway to the north, Porto is an ancient city that gave its name to Portugal and to a wine known in the four corners of the world: Port Wine.

With a magnificent location next to the mouth of the Douro and an architectural complex of exceptional value, the historical center of Porto has been a World Heritage Site since 1996. It is the capital of the North and 2nd city of the country; its entrepreneurial population and with a strong commercial vocation, has always affirmed its will against impositions and invaders, Porto being therefore also known as the "invicta" city.

In addition to its patrimonial value, it is important to discover in Porto its strong city personality and its unique human character.

To get to know the city better, it is advisable to walk slowly and admire the typical houses and granite monuments, take a tram ride along the river, or take a boat trip under the six bridges, enjoying a different perspective. We suggest two itineraries, different proposals for two days of walking, that seek to highlight the impressive contrasts that the city offers. The "Baixa" of Porto, with its pulse of city life, the movement, the intense trade, its peculiar expression that combines the atmosphere of a Nordic and mercantile city with the spiritual and intense Baroque. In contrast, in the Serralves Park, you will find the modernity of the building that houses the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the romantic and bucolic atmosphere of a leafy park.

(source: www.visitportugal.com)

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