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(many are real inquiries done by customers)


What does it take to rent a car?

As a general rule, it is necessary to have a valid driving license for at least 1 year and a minimum of 25 years of age. There is, however, a limited possibility - eg it depends on the car group - to reduce the indicated age (note: in vehicles over the minimum age you can go to 30 years and the driving license must be valid for more than 3 years) ).

A credit card is also usually required to provide a security deposit (guarantee on possible damages). It is an amount that is returned after the rental operation and everything is fine (there is no damage, there is no loss of documents, there is no lack of accessories on the vehicle, ...).


Can you only rent a car with a credit card or not?

For payment of the rental car, you can use a debit card or cash.

For the provision of the deposit it is usually necessary to be made by credit card. If the customer does not have one, his companion with a credit card present at the SADORENT counter (must sign documentation) may be responsible for the deposit. There is also the possibility, through an additional extra, to be able to provide the deposit in cash.


My credit card doesn't have enough ceiling for the high-end car I want to rent - how do I do it?

If you have other credit cards, you can accumulate your use until the amount of the deposit is completed. Third parties in your relationship present when picking up the vehicle will also be able to help you using your credit cards. There is the possibility, for an additional extra, to decrease the amount of the deposit.


Is it possible to rent a car with a driver included?

As a general rule, the SADORENT service is cars to be driven by the renters themselves. The possibility of including a driver is only by specific request and its feasibility is analyzed on a case by case basis.


Can a car be rented with specific characteristics such as color and model?

As a rule, from a car category (eg Economy, Minivan, ...) a more consistent group is hired. And you receive the vehicle of that type available at the moment, regardless of color or model. In other words, it will be possible to previously indicate preferences but there is no guarantee of model, color or other very specific characteristics.


By changing the flight, I will arrive the day after the booked date. Will you keep my car?

Yes, SADORENT will keep the car reservation for 24 hours.

(customers who do not report delays and only appear after this grace period, SADORENT no longer guarantees the reservation)


I am going to rent a car with my family and I would like my young children, aged 19 and 20 and already with a driving license, to also be able to drive the vehicle - is it possible?

First, both must have a valid driving license for more than 1 year.

Second, and not least, the normal minimum age for driving SADORENT vehicles is 25 years. However, it is possible to apply the 20-24 year old driving fee.

In this way, the 19-year-old son cannot drive, the 20-year-old son, dependent on the automobile group, may as long as, as mentioned above, he already has a valid license for over a year.


Can an apparently identical car model have different prices?

Yes, two vehicles can have approximately the same dimensions, have the same number of doors and have a similar design but one may be from another group that is more expensive because, for example, it has more cylinder capacity / power, has a Diesel engine, has automatic transmission, has luxury finishes, have additional hi-tech equipment,…


Can you rent a car only for a few hours?

Yes, a vehicle can be used for a few hours but note that the minimum period charged is 24 hours (1 day). The same applies if, for example, you rent for a day and four hours: two days of rental are counted.


Is it necessary to drive a heavy vehicle license for large vans and vans in the SADORENT car range?

No. All vehicles in the fleet can be driven with a light vehicle driving license.


In the scope of mobility in general, is it possible to rent vehicles in the so-called soft modes such as electric scooters?

SADORENT is specifically dedicated to motorized mobility through passenger cars and goods.


The quote for the rental I wish to make indicates that 200 km daily are included. Does this mean that in my 8-day rental I can only travel 200 kilometers per day?

No, this is a daily average. In one day you can do just 5 km and in another day 550 km. The rental indicated includes 1600 km (8d x 200 km) in the rate. It is about the distance from Porto to Paris or more than five times the route Lisbon - Porto.


Can I be assigned a different car group than the one I booked?

Sometimes, especially in more specific car groups and with fewer units, due to fleet management factors (eg car manufacturer was unable to deliver new vehicles ordered on time,


I have a small kid - do I need to bring a child seat or rent this equipment?

Yes, subject to the availability of the item, SADORENT rents baby / child seats and chairs. Request when booking, indicating the child's age / weight.


If the vehicle has a fault, how should I proceed?

In case of breakdown, or similar problem, you can call SADORENT (office hours) or 24-hour Travel Assistance - see phones in the rental agreement or vehicle document bag.

(note: SADORENT complies with the preventive and corrective maintenance plan of the car manufacturers, but sometimes unforeseen events arise)


What to do in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, point out contacts of those involved and witnesses. If third parties intervene, fill out the Friendly Declaration legibly and completely and if the vehicle is prevented from driving, you must compulsorily call the police authorities. Follow the procedure related to malfunctions.

I am going to rent a minivan to travel with friends and I wish that the seven of us, at the same time, could drive the vehicle - is that possible?

The maximum that SADORENT accepts is three drivers. The regular and two additional drivers (subject to a fee of € 20 each), subject to the normal driving requirements at SADORENT, and whose names must be entered in the rental contract.


In a Lisbon avenue I scraped a SADORENT Economy car in another parked vehicle and a mechanic friend said that the repair should be around € 1500. Do I have to pay this?

It depends on the cases, which will be determined by due analysis.

If you hit the car for a brief distraction and the deductible - legal liability for covered and non-negligent damages - is € 850, you will only pay up to that amount.

If you hit it for speeding, it is considered negligence (breach of the Highway Code), and therefore you will have to pay the full amount of the repair.


I scraped the roof of the van I rented in the upper underground parking area. It seems to be an expensive repair over the deductible - your insurance / CDW covers this, doesn't it?

No, this is one of the cases not covered: damage to the top and bottom of the vehicle (if there is no collision).


I don't know what magnetism I have, but too many times when driving cars, small stones jump out of the road and cause holes in the windshields of cars. In the service you provide, do you have any option to avoid having to reimburse your car glass in case that unfortunately happens?

Yes, order the WDW Windows Damage Waiver window cover.


Can I travel abroad with a SADORENT car?

SADORENT vehicles are intended for use in mainland Portugal. To use a vehicle across borders - only Spain - you usually need to request authorization from SADORENT when booking, and, if validated, pay a fee to be able to enjoy CDW coverage and travel assistance outside the country.


Returning the vehicle with almost no fuel - is it possible?

Customers must return vehicles at the same level with which they received (for proper transportation of the car, when the vehicle is picked up it will hardly occur without enough fuel). So customers will be charged for the amount of missing fuel.

If I request the Via Verde service, will I pay only the daily rate for that activated device?

No. SADORENT pays the rental of the electronic device and the connection of the company's computer system to the technological structure of Via Verde. However, you will have to pay the amount of the tolls, which depends on the motorways, type of vehicle and distances covered. This will be done by debiting your credit card, which is mandatory to subscribe to this service.


Some time after I rented a car I got a toll debt - exactly what is that?

Via Verde communication from tolls to SADORENT is asynchronous i.e. not real time. It may happen that, after the rental ends, there will be deferred toll costs, which also have an administrative treatment. That is why a credit card is mandatory for subscription to electronic payment.


I made a reservation, and the respective rental car payment, through an international broker / distributor whose service was assigned to SADORENT. However, for reasons of force majeure, I will have to cancel the reservation. Can you return the amount paid to me?

You will need to request this from the broker / distributor. For bookings received through this route, SADORENT only receives payments at the beginning or after the end of the rental.


I wanted to participate in an off-road competition. Do you have 4x4 vehicles?

SADORENT has four-wheel drive vehicles, however it is not possible to rent vehicles for use in sports events.


I think I was caught by speeding radar. If you get a fine, then pay, OK?

No. This breach is the customer's responsibility and will be reported to the competent authority

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