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What are the minimum requirements to rent a car?

Generally, it's necessary to have a valid driving license for at least 1 year and a minimum of 25 years of age. However, there is a conditioned possibility of reducing the indicated age (note: in superior vehicles the minimum age can go up to 30 years).

How is the rental period charged?

The minimum rental terms is by periods of 24h (1 day).

I have a small kid - do I need to take a child seat or rent this equipment?

Yes, upon availability, SADORENT rents seats and baby / child seats - indicate age / height.

If the vehicle has a malfunction, how should I proceed?

In case of a breakdown*, or a similar problem, you can call SADORENT (office hours) or 24h Roadside Assistance (see telephone number on the insurance certificate that accompanies the vehicle document's folder).

  *SADORENT complies with the preventive and corrective maintenance plan of the automobile manufacturers, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of accident, point out contacts of those involved and witnesses. If there is a third party intervention, please fill out legibly and completely the Accident Statement and if the vehicle is prevented from driving, you must compulsorily call the police authorities. Follow the procedure described above for malfunctions.



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