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Rental Terms and Conditions

(made in www.sadorent.pt)

The SADORENT rent-a-car service provided through its website, and supplied by the company Sado Rent - Automóveis de Aluguer sem Condutor, S.A. with registered office at Avenida Gomes Pereira, 82-B 1500-331 Lisbon, is governed by the following terms regarding payments:

i) The request for a rental car uses the double checking method of availability i.e. only after double confirmation is the payment requested to the customer via email with the respective instructions.

ii) For this car reservation, a minimum settlement of 10% of the rental amount requested is required; this amount is intended to ensure commitment with the required vehicle and is non-refundable.

iii) The remaining amount can also be paid when making that payment or when collecting the vehicle.

iv) Up to 24 hours before the start of the rental, on the website or by email, a reservation can be canceled free of charge; payments made, will be returned (up to ± 15 days later) except for the 10% of the rental price referred to in point ii).

v) If the customer does not show up to pick up the vehicle on the scheduled day and time (vehicle is retained for 24 hours), SADORENT reserves the right to additionally charge the amount of 1 day of this rental.


(reproduction of document to be signed by the client)

The rental contract is regulated by the particular conditions listed on the front of this sheet, and by the following general conditions.


Sado Rent SA (hereinafter referred to as lessor), rents the vehicle identified in the specific conditions of the rental agreement (hereinafter referred to only as contract) to the identified client in the contract on specific conditions (hereinafter also referred to as the lessee) on the following terms and conditions.


2.1 - The lessee states that he/she received the vehicle under good conditions of use and cleaning, with the respective accessories, documents and under the conditions described in the joint verification document made at the conclusion of the contract act, referred to as Vehicle Condition Document.

2.2 - The lessee is responsible to return the vehicle in the same condition as he/she received it, at the time and the place designated in the contract.

2.3 - If the vehicle is used in breach of contract, the lessor may terminate the contract with the mandatory return of the vehicle by the lessee at the location indicated, otherwise the vehicle may be removed under the law, at the expense of the lessee.

2.4 - The extension of the lease or an upgrade of the contract, needs to be of the knowledge and have the approval, of the lessor in a written form.

2.5 - The rental company is not liable to the lessee or any passenger, for the loss or damage to property left in the vehicle, during the rental period or after it.

2.6 - The return of the vehicle is only effective after a physical verification of the same by the rental company, the key and documents delivery by the lessee, and after the written permission of the rental Company.

2.7 - If at the return of the vehicle, a physical check is not made, as above mentioned in point 6, while under the care of or charge of the lessee (such as the abandonment of the vehicle, the return of the vehicle to a place not agreed to in the contract), obliges the lessee to accept the report of the vehicle´s status, after the physical verification by the lessor and authorizes the lessor to cover the loss or the damage to the vehicle, to the credit card used for the original payment as well as the deposit.


3.1 - The lessee must take care of the vehicle, ensuring that it is properly locked and in a secure location when it is not in use, provide the proper fuel, check the water, oil level and adblue.

3.2 - The lessee undertakes not to use or not to allow the use of the vehicle in the following circumstances: a) to carry passengers or goods in violation of the law; b) to use the vehicle for the practice of sporting events or in sport training events, whether they are official or not; c) by any person under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any substance which, directly or indirectly, reduce their perception and response capacity; d) for persons holding a driving license for less than a year and under 25 years (except conditionally accepted by the rental company) and by persons other than the authorized drivers, that are not identified in the contract or document attached thereto; e) outside the Portuguese territory, unless expressly authorized by the lessor.


Normal mechanical maintenance, resulting from the normal use of the vehicle, is due to Sado Rent. Any necessarycosts of minor repairs requested by the client - including bulbs, fuses, oil replacement, except Adblue - worth more than €25, require authorization from the lessor and, whatever the amount, will only be reimbursed on the presentation of the supporting bill and on behalf of Sado Rent SA, which VAT number is: - 502 766 883.


5.1- The lessee and/or authorized driver participates in a civil liability insurance policy in accordance with the legal provisions of the country covering the risk of personal injury or damage to third parties. Is also included CDW (collision Damage Waiver) coverage - covers all damage to the vehicle in case of an accident/collision, with the lessee required to pay a variable charge depending on the type of vehicle. There are also the following options:

a) Super LDW - excess offset against additional payment variable according to vehicle category (TW is included – covers theft and/or theft of the vehicle).

b) ACDW - Protection up to the reduced excess that covers small damages/scratches, locks and tires in normal use of the vehicle.

c) PAI - covers personal accidents, with a maximum amount of €1500 due, in case of illness or hospitalization and €15,000 in case of death or disability.

d) WDW - damage coverage on windows (including breaks).

5.2 - The above described coverages, even if subscribed, are rendered null and void, and make the lessee liable for the entire repair and compensation costs corresponding to the standstill time of the injured vehicle, in case of negligence, misuse of the vehicle, violation of the rules of the road, driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances and caused by bad state of the roads or paths, generated by mud, tar or other materials used in the construction of roads, caused intentionally by the lessee and / or occupants.

5.3 - The vehicle will only have valid coverages during the period agreed on in the contract, except if the contract is extended under the present general conditions, the lessor declining, from then onward, any responsibility for any accidents caused or likely to be caused by the lessee beyond the rental period, being then held solely responsible for the damages caused.

5.4 - In case of an accident, the lessee is obliged to do the following:

a) To participate to the lessor any accident, theft, robbery or any other claims, within 24 hours;

b) To call immediately the authorities in case of an accident involving third parties or if the vehicle is unable to move;

c) Obtain the names and the addresses of the people involved and any witnesses;

d) Do not abandon the vehicle without taking the appropriate action for the protection and safeguarding thereof;

e) Do not take any responsibility for the lessor;

f) Immediately contact the rental agency providing it with a detailed report of the accident, including an official police report of the accident. In the event of vandalism, theft or robbery of the vehicle, documentary evidence of the complaint to the police is essential, plus having the official stamp of the police and the delivery of the key of the vehicle.


6.1 - The lessee expressly undertakes to pay to the lessor the amounts due, and resulting from the conclusion of this contract, as soon as it is requested, provide namely:

a) The price payable for the rental of the vehicle, depending on the rental period and the respective kilometres, calculated in accordance with the constant rate of the contract.

b) Any and all charges related to the suppression of charges for the coverage of personal accidents, collision coverage, collision and rollover, theft coverage and others and costs incurred in accordance with the rate or constant rates of the particular conditions of this contract.

c) All taxes and charges for the rental of the vehicle or the amount fixed by the rental company for the repayment of such taxes.

d) All costs incurred by the lessor to collect overdue payments owed by the lessee as a result of this contract.

e) Charges caused by the loss of the vehicle´s documents and the loss or damage to the vehicle´s keys (the value depending on the brand/model of the vehicle and according to the rates in effect at the time of the occurrence) situations which involves the immobilisation of the vehicle.

f) Necessary charges to replace tyres damaged outside the normal use of or arising from accidental punctures, degraded clutches, damage to wheels, tools, and damages to the top, bottom and the interior of the vehicle.

g) Charges due for a special cleaning, up to a maximum of a €100, for the cost of an extra cleaning service, as proven consequence for the inappropriate state of the vehicle at the time of its return.

h) The value for damages, resulting from the use of the car during the rental period are considered further damages, those which were not marked, at the start of the rental date, nor under the check out.

I) The value of extras hired in accordance with that described in the particular conditions of the contract.

j) All amounts under the contract concluded through the Insurance Company requisition, in case the use of the vehicle has exceeded the pre-stipulated period authorized by the company.

l) Charges for the return of the vehicle, when the vehicle is left somewhere other than the intended location, without the prior written consent of lessor.

m) Charges arising from the introduction of a different fuel to that used by car, especially costs related to the complete replacement of the fuel, dismantling and cleaning of the tank, engine tuning and other damages caused to the vehicle.

6.2 - The costs to be debited will be at the rates in effect at the time of the occurrence of the facts.

6.3 - Any invoice not paid on the due date, the default interest rate, at the legally allowed maximum rate, will be added.

6.4 - The lessee, to guarantee the compliance of the obligations under the contract, will provide deposit in the form of a credit card, for the amount referred to in the contract, expressly authorizing the rental company to debit the default interest at the legally allowed maximum rate, and to charge the credit card for the amounts due.


Should the lessor be notified as a result of an administrative offense or misconduct committed by the lessee, only to identify the latter, he/she will be bound to pay the amount of €20, as administrative expenditure, for the information given to those entities. In the case of an accident, the lessee shall pay €50, to cover the administrative costs of the respective process.


The parties agree to the addresses indicated in the contract for any contact, including for the purpose of citations or notices.


The lessee recognizes that all the clauses of this contract were timely and expressly communicated and clearly explained and that he/she was aware of them, when signing this contract. Unless otherwise stated, by legal provision, the parties agree on the jurisdiction of the district of Lisbon for dispute resolution, based on this contract.


10.1 - The lessee provides at the beginning of the Contract his or her personal data and those of the driver (s) of the vehicle, for the purpose of its identification in the same, expressly authorizing the rental company to process them.

10.2 - Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (RGPD), the rental company informs the following:

a) The entity responsible for processing the personal data provided under the contract is the Sado Rent S.A., with head office at Av. Gomes Pereira 82, Lisbon;

b) The processing of personal data has the purpose of concluding and executing this contract, pursuant to paragraph b), nº 1, article 6 of the RGPD;

c) Personal data may be transmitted to third parties for the purpose of ensuring compliance with any legal obligations to which the lessor is subject, pursuant to paragraph c), nº 1 article 6 of the RGPD, namely to judicial authorities, criminal police agencies, tax and customs authorities and regulators;

d) Personal data may be processed for other purposes, for which the owner has given express consent to the rental company;

e) The rental company will keep personal data processed for the period necessary for the provision of services, respective billing and compliance with legal obligations.

10.3 - At any time, the holder of the personal data has the right to access them, as well as, within the limits of the contract and the RGPD, to change them, to oppose to the respective treatment, to decide on the automated treatment of the same, withdraw the consent, request the erasure of the data and exercise the other rights provided for in the legislation in force (except for the data that are indispensable to the execution of the contract, and as such are mandatory supply, as well as for compliance with legal obligations to which the rental company is subject), to gestao.dados@sadorent.pt.

10.4 - If you withdraw your consent, this does not compromise the lawfulness of the treatment carried out until that date.

10.5 - The data subject has the right to be notified, under the terms of the RGPD, if there is a violation of his / her personal data that may involve a high risk for the rights and freedoms, and may submit complaints to the authority (s).

10.6 - Personal data may be transmitted to third parties that provide services to the rental company, whenever such services imply the communication of data contained in the rental agreements.

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