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Health and Safety Plan - COVID-19

Dear Client,

SADORENT aware of this new reality in the context of the COVID-19 disease pandemic, has implemented preventive measures and new procedures based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the General Directorate of Health and Tourism of Portugal in order to guarantee the safety and health of our employees and customers.

Sado Rent was certified by Turismo de Portugal with the “Clean & Safe” seal. Through the attribution of the Seal, Turismo de Portugal recognizes that companies in the Tourism sector comply with the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health to avoid contamination of spaces with SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus).

The inspection resulting from the attribution of the “Clean & Safe” seal is carried out by the Mobility and Transport Authority.


In car preparation, vehicle hygiene procedures were reinforced, namely in cleaning all surfaces of vehicles, whose contact with the driver and / or passengers is foreseeable:

The vehicle is disinfected by cleaning the vehicle's surfaces with a product suitable for the removal of viruses, bacteria and fungi, effective in eliminating the COVID-19 virus, and in accordance with the instructions of the DGS.

The SADORENT employee cleans the vehicle equipped with a surgical mask and gloves.

After cleaning, the vehicle will be parked with the windows closed and a plastic protective roller placed on the steering wheel and shift lever so that it is easily recognized that the vehicle has been cleaned and the film will only be removed in the presence of the customer.


In customer service, some extra care was taken in the performance of functions, such as frequent hand washing, cleaning and regular disinfection of surfaces, POS / TPA and work material, markings on the floor in some counters, as well as provided in all counters, for employees and customers, hand hygiene product.

In customer service, the use of visors by employees is mandatory, which can be complemented with the use of masks.

To reinforce your protection, an AGA disinfectant wipe with 70% alcohol is delivered by each vehicle, thus allowing each customer to also ensure their safety.

The following measures were also established in customer service:


An internal SADORENT contingency plan was also drawn up, which includes, among other measures, new methods and work (eg teletrebalho), additional distance rules at work stations, creation of a COVID isolation room on possible counters, operating procedures in suspected cases, awareness of the regular compliance with the respiratory etiquette, regular hand washing and social conduct.

All employees received Clean & Safe Rent a Car training, certified and given by Turismo de Portugal, within the scope of the Clean & Safe Seal.

Measures to combat the pandemic are constantly being updated, so SADORENT is attentive to DGS information and indications, so this plan will be continuously updated.


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